Akkurat Font

Akkurat Font

LL Akkurat was first released in April 2004, coinciding with the launch of Lineto’s new, groundbreaking website. Since then, Laurenz Brunner’s first typeface has been phenomenally successful – and also influential, as it became standard practice in contemporary type design to revisit neo-modernism in its various local idioms.

Against the background of the developments it helped trigger, LL Akkurat appears almost humble today. With its static construction, it has proven that combining the qualities of classic sans-serif craft with a new contemporaneity can be a sustainable endeavour. Never attempting to be trendy, elegant or fashionable, LL Akkurat aspired to embody qualities such as technical precision, down-to-earth robustness, reliability and neutrality, reflecting certain values generally associated with Switzerland.

Meanwhile, Laurenz Brunner has been gradually expanding the font’s range and reach. The original three weights were supplemented with a thin and black weight, and the single monospaced cut has been given a bolder companion and italic counterparts. More importantly, the typeface has been taken to the next level in terms of language support and is now being presented in six entirely new scripts: Cyrillic and Greek, Hebrew, Arabic, Devanagari, and – as a low-hanging fruit – Vietnamese.

  • Designer: Laurenz Brunner
  • License: You can use this font for personal purpose.

You can purchase full version and commercial license here: https://lineto.com/typefaces/akkurat

  • Akkurat Font
  • Akkurat Font

Download “Akkurat Font”

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