Gold Font

Gold Font

Gold is all new for 2021, the complete family has been rebuilt using the multiple masters technique.

In this new version we’ve removed any alternatives that could not be shared across all weights in the family and we’ve trimmed a few others that just were not practical in keeping a consistent look to the whole font.

All the alternates now have matching accented glyphs across all weights.

Case sensitive forms have also been added to all weights.

With 14 weights the difference between weights are closer together which may give you the effect of a variable font where variable fonts are not supported.

For technical reasons the original Gold family has now been split into two families with Gold having ten weights and the four heavier weights under the Gold Magnum family.

The Gold and Gold Magnum font families support accented characters for western, central and eastern European countries.

Gold comes with OpenType features to access the alternate glyphs however you will need an application such as Adobe Creative Suite to take advantage of alternate glyphs.

You can purchase full version and commercial license here:

Download “Gold Font” – Downloaded 13 times – 108 KB

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