Retro Butterfly Font

Retro Butterfly Font 1

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Retro Butterfly is a groovy retro script font with a sense of funk, fun, and free-spiritedness. This font is characterized by its bold, flowing strokes and exaggerated curves, reminiscent of the hand-drawn lettering seen in vintage psychedelic posters and album covers.

The letters in the groovy retro script font are fluid and expressive, with unique flourishes and stylistic elements that give them a playful and energetic vibe.

The font is perfect for projects that seek a nostalgic or vintage feel, such as retro-themed designs, party invitations, music album covers, or any creative work aiming for a groovy and vibrant atmosphere. It adds a touch of whimsy and personality to any text, capturing the carefree and bold spirit of the era it represents.

You can purchase full version and commercial license here:

  • Retro Butterfly Font 8
  • Retro Butterfly Font 7
  • Retro Butterfly Font 6
  • Retro Butterfly Font 5
  • Retro Butterfly Font 4
  • Retro Butterfly Font 3
  • Retro Butterfly Font 2
  • Retro Butterfly Font 1

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