Selfie Neue Sharp Font Family

Selfie Neue Sharp Font Family 1

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“Selfie for everything”

Selfie Neue, because it’s totally new: All its glyphs were re-drawn, all the proportions changed for better, and the old and somehow naive forms of the first Selfie were redesigned.

Selfie Neue is now a family of many members (you can choose between a Rounded or a Sharp look), from Thin to Black, and from Short to Tall (because I noticed the feel of the font changed notoriously when altering its proportions).

It also includes swashy Caps, which will serve as a perfect match for the lowercase and some incredibly cute icons/dingbats (designed by the talented Melissa Cronenbold, see also Selfie Neue Rounded for more!) which, as you see in the posters, make the font even more attractive and easy to use.

You’ll find tons of alternates per glyph. It’s impossible to get tired with Selfie!

Like it happened with the old Selfie, Selfie Neue Sharp was thought for a really wide range of uses. Magazines, Book-covers, digital media, restaurants, logos, clothing, etc.

Hey! The font is also a VF (Variable Font)! So you can have fun with its two axes: x-height and weight, in applications that support them.

Let me take a New Sharp Selfie!


  • If you plan to print Selfie Neue VF (Rounded or Sharp), please remember to convert it to outlines first.
  • The majority of the posters above have the “contextual” alternates activated, and this makes the capitals a little smaller. I’d recommend deactivating it if you plan to use Selfie for just one word.
  • Use the font always with the “fi” feature activated so everything ligatures properly.
  • The slant of the font is 24,7 degrees, so if you plan to have its stems vertical, you may use Selfie with that rotation in mind.

You can purchase full version and commercial license here:

  • Selfie Neue Sharp Font Family 3
  • Selfie Neue Sharp Font Family 2
  • Selfie Neue Sharp Font Family 1

Download “Selfie Neue Sharp Font Family” Selfie-Neue-Sharp-Font-Family.rar – Downloaded 2 times – 2 MB

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